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  •     Polishing/Deburring
  •     Aqueous Parts Cleaning
  •     EDM "Recast" removal

Our Job shop Services Include 

  •     Abrasive Flow Machining –AFM
  •     Thermal Deburring –TEM
  •     Diesel Spray Nozzles
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What Is Abrasive Flow Machining?

“A process that extrudes an abrasive laden silicone media through holes or over edges to polish, deburr holes or radius edges”      ​

The abrasive media is a conforming lap that automatically shapes itself to whatever the profile in the hole becomes. Because the media works at the greatest restriction in its flow path, deburring of an intersection is accomplished simply because the burr creates a restriction and is "ground” away until clear and blended. Some of these applications are; Dies, Semi-conductor valves and fittings, Medical Applications, and much more.