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LV-150-1.5 (Low viscosity, 150 grit silicon carbide abrasive, at a ratio of 1.5# to 1# of the total chemistry)

Typical applications are Aluminum and Vinyl extrusion dies for EDM “recast” removal with profile openings of around .030.

Another may be;

HV-54-2 ( very high viscosity and stiff for large holes and castings, 54 grit abrasive of 2 to 1 to remove stock from a casting or anywhere in between!

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Abrasive flow Media

A semi solid putty like material with a variety of sized abrasive particles. These can range in size from 16 grit ( small rocks or pebbles) for castings to 1000 grit abrasive (much like talcum power for applications such as Diesel Spray nozzles..

The media base polymer or carrier can be as hard as a rock or as soft as toothpaste.

By combining these variables with lubricants, allow us to engineered and manufacturer a media to polish or deburr almost any size hole or configuration from .005 and larger.

An example of one of our most widely used media would be:

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